In January 2011, our community officially joined Americans for the Arts’ latest national economic impact study, Arts & Economic Prosperity IV (AEP4), a year-long, two-part study that evaluates the impact that spending by nonprofit arts organizations and their audiences has on local economies, as well as analysis of consumer habits and trends related to the arts and culture.

Americans for the Arts has conducted similar economic impact studies in more than 250 U.S. communities.  Many of these communities have used these reports as an additional advocacy tool for all sorts of arts-related issues, including promoting arts education, increasing funding opportunities for artists and arts organizations or exploring urban redevelopment projects.  Some organizations have even used the information about audience participation to strengthen their programming and better meet the needs and interests of their community.

AEP4 VolunteerWe all personally know how great Eugene is and why we love living here but we didn’t have a measurement of how big an impact the arts have on our way of life and the local economy, until now.  Our participation in this important research project has provide that data for the first time.

This is an exciting opportunity; one that we hope you will be actively involved in by contributing to the community conversation by sharing these results with your family, friends, local business owners, elected officials, and your larger community connections.

AEP4 Study Partners

Our community’s participation in this study is facilitated by a collaboration between the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene (ABAE), the City of Eugene and the University of Oregon’s Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy (CCACP), who believe strongly that our involvement in this study will bring measurable benefits to the entire community.

AEP4 Project Team

  • Becca Black
    AEP4 At Large Member
    Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene
  • Fred Crafts
    AEP4 Spokesperson
    Eugene Ambassador for the Arts
  • Dr. Patricia Dewey
    AEP4 At Large Member
    UO Arts & Administration Program, Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy
  • Renee Grube
    AEP4 At Large Member
    City of Eugene – Library, Recreation and Cultural Services
  • Karm Hagedorn
    AEP4 Administrative Facilitator
    City of Eugene – Cultural Services
  • Dave Hauser
    AEP4 At Large Member
    Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Tina Rinaldi
    AEP4 Project Leader
    UO Arts & Administration Program, Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy
  • Lauren Silberman
    AEP4 Communications Director
    Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy
  • Liora Sponko
    AEP4 At Large Member
    Lane Arts Council – YouthArts